AFL Europe Champions League 2017

It took some convincing of wives & girlfriends, but Amsterdam shouted our call.. AFL Champions League 2017! Case on tour again! #CaseLovesTour

Having won the WARFL league for the 2016 season, Panthers were invited to attend the 2017 Champions AFL Europe champions league in March, which takes place in Amsterdam.

Our group was of varied ability, with us eyeing up our first opponents with anticipation that is was going to be a tough game (which proved wrong) against the probable group winners (which proved correct however). The group also contained the Leeside Lions (IRE), Farum Cats, (DEN) The North West Eagles (ITA) and Oslo Crows (SWE).

First up against Leeside we were positively psyched up for what we though would be our toughest game, which indeed it was, but we narrowly lost out to a small point margin in a well fought battle agains the Irish, which we took as positively pleasing result. We showed we weren’t to be underestimated.

Our second game was over an hour and half late which meant we were all cowering around trying to keep warm in the Amsterdam overcast day. It was a disaster as far as we were concerned. The first half we were dominating strongly, but not long after the second half starting whistle, we lost Dougie ‘Duncan’ Young to a nasty injury (you can hear him scream in the video below). This was starting to leave us seriously short on team members as Tom ‘loves tour’ Case, although present, was recovering from a nasty shoulder injury and was sitting out for emergencies only. Thinking about it, this probably affected our performance somewhat from then in. It went tits up basically, against a team we were more than confident to face. But hats off to the North West Eagles, they did us a treat.

The Oslo Crows. We were determined to make up for the effort against the Italians, and we did so. Beating them more than comfortably to regain our pride and give us a kick up the arse for the Danes.

Last group match against the Danish Farem Cats and we were ready. We were confident. They were f*@%*$g ready for us too.. they dominated the entire match. We thought the Irish were the team to watch, turns out the Danes were faster, more organised and generally showed us how it’s done.. obviously there were a few dodgy decisions (JOKES!) and the ball never bounced right for us but yeah.. well played Farum Cats!

We managed to finish third in our group much to our surprise, and were in for another match against Norwegians Norrtälje Dockers. Cardiff Panthers (52) v Norrtälje Dockers (8). Our Aussie Captain Lieutenant Dan even got a place in the team of the tourney too (yes Sloth!) Thats how we do it boys..

..And then Amsterdam took us and we got pissed.

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Watch Us Play!

On the AFL Europe Youtube channel

We play North West Eagles at around the 2 hour 16 mark.

The Team

Daniel Aldous (C)
Owain Ryland (GB)
David Saunders
James Gibson
Tom Case
Rhos Evans
Mike Palmer
Douglas Young
Scott Jones
Alistair Ruff
Paul Chapman
Oli Rees