WARFL Cardiff Panthers Grand Final 2017

WARFL Grand Final 2017

The WARFL Grand Final of 2017 took place in Cardiff between last years winners Cardiff Panthers and Bristol Dockers.. and it was a hum dinger!

On a Saturday afternoon on a sunny Welsh July (note : raining) afternoon, the two teams arrived at St Peters Rugby Club in Cardiff to meet and play for the WARFL cup .

Both teams had been looking very strong over the past few months in the league matches, with Cardiff winning the league, just about, but having Bristol biting at our heels. So this was promising to be a titanic clash on equal merits and terms.

The game started well, with neither team giving even an inch to the other, and goals being scored in equal measure for both sides. By the 3rd Quarter however the strains of the game started to show with the Panthers losing two of their most experienced, David Saunders (Hamstring) and an own goal on Dan Aldous (Back – Cheers Scott Jones!), through injury. With Bristol slightly ahead with 3 goals going in to the 4th quarter Panthers flew out of the blocks and started to claw some points back before losing two more players, Mike Palmer (head wound/blood injury) and James Gibson (boot to the mouth) in a single play.

After a well fought and highly physical match (hence the 4 limps off), Dockers rained through with the final score at 105 – 90.

Well done to Bristol on wining a hard fought final! We’ll be having that cup back next year Dockers!

Big shout out to Kyra Jones and Owain Ryland for taking on Umpire duties.

The Panthers Team

Daniel Aldous (C)
David Saunders
James Gibson
Mike Palmer
Rhys Morgan
Scott Jones
Tim Swain
Alistair Ruff
Bryan Bliss
David Gamble
Paul Chapman
David James
Paul Chapman
Chay Davies-Smith
Ondra Teluch